Will your cash register correctly connect to the terminal in the future?

  • 8 December 2021, 10:49 PM
Will your cash register correctly connect to the terminal in the future?

Check the functions of NOVITUS devices that other cash registers do not have.

One of the obligations imposed by the Polish Deal on the users of (all) cash registers is the need to ensure the possibility of payment in every place where the economic activity is actually performed (at the premises, off the company's premises or in the vehicle used to provide passenger transport services) using the payment instrument. Pursuant to the act referred to in the Polish Deal, a payment instrument is, for example, payment by card, bank transfer, BLIK, check, SkyCash, etc.

Most taxpayers, wishing to fulfil the imposed obligation, decide to sign an agreement to use a payment terminal.

When choosing a card payment service provider (acquirer) and the terminal itself, one should take into account another of the obligations introduced in the Polish Deal. It is a provision imposing an obligation, as of 1 July 2022, to integrate the payment terminal used with an online cash register using the standard ECR-EFT protocol.

All Novitus online cash registers have very extensive possibilities of integration with payment terminals and even programmable pin-pads.

They have the ECR-EFT communication protocol implemented, which can work in both open and secure (encrypted) communication. To integrate Novitus online cash registers with payment terminals, you can use both popular RS232 and USB connections, as well as more advanced ones: wireless BT (bluetooth) or network connections. The network connection can be achieved through the LAN computer network, through the WLAN connection (WiFi) and even by using the GSM network through the cash-terminal server connection.

The possibilities of integrating Novitus cash registers with payment terminals are undoubtedly the most extensive and advanced on the Polish fiscal device market.

However, if the terminal used does not have any interface for communication with cash registers, does not have the ECR-EFT protocol implemented, then it will not be able to be connected to any, even the most advanced cash register. Hence, it is very important to consciously select a terminal that provides such a possibility.

The user can check whether the payment terminal owned or offered by the acquirer can be integrated with the cash register at: https://frob.pl/protokol-ecr-eft/#ECREFT - the website features information about the signed agreement on the use of the universal protocol communication ECR-EFT and a list of terminal suppliers, models of offered terminals and cash registers of individual manufacturers with which these terminals work. Such integration is performed by the suppliers of payment terminals, not the maker of fiscal devices, so acquirers should be asked about the compatibility, settings and the method of integration of their terminals with a given cash register."

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