The Novitus SmartPos self-service cash register was awarded the Golden Retail Innovation 2021!

  • 27 October 2021, 07:39 AM
The Novitus SmartPos self-service cash register was awarded the Golden Retail Innovation 2021!

Results are in for the 3rd edition of the "FMCG & Retail Golden Innovations 2021" competition. It is an event which awards the most innovative products and concepts that have appeared on the market over the last year.

The official announcement of the competition results took place on 25 October 2021, during a gala at the Kamienica Theatre.

The winners include the Novitus SmartPos self-service cash register!

As many as 238 innovative products were submitted to the first part of the competition - FMCG. The winners were selected in an online consumer survey conducted by BlueHorizONE. In each of the 31 categories divided into 5 groups - TASTE, COMPOSITION, PACKAGING, RESPONSE TO THE NEEDS AND MOMENTS WITH THE PRODUCT - the first place and the title of the Golden Innovation FMCG along with the prestigious statuette were won by the products with the highest number of votes. The runners-up received distinctions and special Certificates.

For the second part of the competition - Retail - 42 innovative solutions were submitted supporting trade, concepts, devices as well as retail-related services. The competition jury selected 12 winners, including the Novitus SmartPos self-service cash register. All awarded solutions received a prestigious statuette and the title of Golden Retail Innovation.

We are extremely pleased with this award - it confirms our efforts and the attempt to support your business every day - in line with our mission!

More information about the product can be found at: and

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