New HD II Online printer - new product

  • 28 October 2020, 07:28 PM
New HD II Online printer - new product

Time for another new product in the family of Novitus Online Power devices.

The offer is now expanded by the HD II Online fiscal printer. The printer has all the features that were appreciated in the previous model, so it is still the only colour display on the market with the possibility of displaying advertising clips and static images in High Colour mode, an extremely resistant printing mechanism with a paper cutter, which now prints up to 54 lines per second and supports two widths of paper rolls with a maximum length of 100m. Paper can be changed in no time and all you need to do is open the roll cassette for a brief moment. Fast printing is possible thanks to the use of a more powerful processor and enlarged RAM.

Eleven new reasons to choose the Novitus HD II Online printer:

• Our fastest printer - up to 54 lines of text per second

• E-receipt ready

• Multi-communication: LAN, WiFi*, GSM*, Bluetooth*

• Even more powerful processor

• Twice the RAM memory

• Integrated or stand-alone displays

• Broker - remote management of distributed printer networks

• Backward compatibility with Novitus / Novitus-compatible / XML protocols

• Easy integration with external sales systems

• Security and power of the LINUX platform

• Extreme durability

Thanks to multi-communication, connectivity, also with CRK, is now available via LAN, WiFi*, GPRS* or Bluetooth*. The printer can also be connected to a computer system through a traditional RS232 connector and a two-channel USB connector. The logical PC2 port will allow for integration with central information gathering systems, monitoring systems and other third-party solutions, operating independently of the sales system. We also focus on security, which is why the printer allows you to secure the physical keyboard of the device, preventing accidental access to the device's menu. A menu password protects against the compilation of reports by unauthorised persons and the loss of communication with the sales program. (* - additional option)

In a few days our new printer will be available from our partners. Check it out!

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