BLIK is already on the Novitus cash registers!

  • 2 June 2022, 01:08 PM
BLIK is already on the Novitus cash registers!

Polish Payment Standard (BLIK operator), COMP and PayTel announced the introduction of a new, common solution – a cash register, which will enable accepting non-cash payments using the BLIK system.

The new solution will be addressed in particular to owners of small companies who do not yet have payment terminals and want to comply with the new regulations in force since the beginning of this year (the requirement to accept cashless payments by all entrepreneurs with fiscal cash registers). Entrepreneurs will now be able to fulfill this obligation by installing the cash register itself (the act does not require the acceptance of cards, but electronic payments in general).

This is one of the elements that we mentioned when publishing the assumptions for the strategy and rehomology activities of our cash registers on-line. One of our goals for the coming years is to use the trend of transforming the cash register into a multifunctional device, especially in the field of modern payments, such as BLIK or payment cards in the application – this is what is happening. The market for such infrastructure will grow dynamically. The COMP Group can quickly use this trend to leapfrog the number of e-payment points on its devices.

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